Able Up Iowa

Kyle Guldenpfennig

President: Midwest Family Lending

Kyle Guldenpfennig

“I have seen the hardships that many with disabilities face and I am eager to help give back in any way I can”

Kyle grew up in South Eastern Iowa on a family farm. He grew up in a small community where he participated in many sports and extracurricular activities. He attended and played basketball at Clarke University (formerly Clarke College) and went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in both Marketing and Finance.  He moved to Des Moines where he married Kendra. They have two little boys, Kalvin & Kaden.

Kyle experimented in a few different industries from digital publishing to advertising before finding that finances, and more specifically lending, is where his heart lives. He worked for Wells Fargo for 5 years, learning the ins and outs of mortgages. He moved on to a small bank before taking his current role at Midwest Family Lending. It is there he adopted the hashtag #TallMoneyMan, a fun yet easy way for people to remember him, since his last name is a challenge. Kyle’s experience in advertising and banking have helped shape his passion for being a mortgage lender. He loves to work with first time homebuyers as he has the opportunity to educate and help others understand a complex loan that has many benefits.

Kyle is passionate about Able Up Iowa because of the experiences he had growing up. In the small community of Letts, Iowa, Kyle made close friends with students in the special education classrooms. To this day, he still keeping in touch with many. His aunt was an Early Childhood Special Education teacher at Muscatine Community School District for 32 years before she that passed away in March, 2019. Kyle values these relationships and is eager to give back by being on Able Up Iowa’s Loan Committee and finding ways to give financial opportunities to those Able Up Iowa serves.

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