Able Up Iowa

Mindy Hanna


Mindy Hanna

I moved to Ames, Iowa September 2017 from Omaha, Nebraska.  Since I moving, I married my husband, July 2018 and had my daughter November 2019.  We love to be outdoors and explore wildlife and do arts and crafts.  My daughter keeps me on my toes and has taught me a lot about compassion, grace, and patience. Prior to joining Able up Iowa, I worked in the Finance Department at Iowa State University with their grants for 5 years.  That is when I realized I wanted to continue my career in Finance, but wanted to expand my knowledge.  I started to work with Iowa Vocational Rehab where I learned about Able Up Iowa and what they have to offer their members.

Seeing so many of my family and friends deal with a variety of disabilities causing financial struggles, has caused me to show more empathy and compassion in helping others.  Once I learned more about what Able Up Iowa, I knew this is where I am supposed to be, so I can help those going through the same struggles my family and friends went through.

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