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"Able Up Iowa is making it possible for people to live a normal life the best way they can." – Cheryl




Channel Your Passion Into
A Power-Packed Project!

We love to see passionate people and service-loving groups step up for their communities and do what they enjoy to effect change. We want to empower YOU to create your very own Passion Project! This personalized event, campaign, or project is meant to empower the people who intersect two of our most marginalized groups: those who are experience poverty and those with disabilities.


Your project has the potential to spread awareness, foster understanding, increase education, raise funds, and create long-lasting impact. This is your opportunity to get creative! Share your originality as you develop a project full of passion using the resources below.




Cleo’s Is Making Cookies for Cause!


Cleo suddenly found herself spending a lot more time at home during COVID and decided she wanted to use her extra time giving back… through baking! Cleo has donated countless cookies to Able Up Iowa’s supporters & friends over the last several months. Her baked goods have become notorious and brought cheer to many during a difficult time. We are so impressed with Cleo’s selflessness and deep care for those around her. Thank you, Cleo, your cookies are truly delicious!



You Create The Vision

Is there something you love to do or an idea you have always wanted to develop? Now you can put your vision into action while empowering Iowans to live independently!




Your passion project can be personal, involve a group, or represent a company. Regardless of the size or scale, your project has the potential to make significant, meaningful impact.


We Provide The Support

Whether it’s gathering volunteers, supplying materials, or just spreading the word, we provide our best support to make your dream a reality.




As you design your project, make specific, measurable, and attainable goals that promote Able Up Iowa’s mission & values.


Your Passion Transforms Our Communities!

By using your passion to do good, you are creating a compelling difference in your community that will transform lives!




Ready to Get Started?

Every idea starts as a seed. Take a few moments to share with us the project you envision and together we will help it grow!








Tropical Smoothie is Giving Back With Each Purchase


Tropical Smoothie decided to make a difference in their community by donating a portion of every purchase made to Able Up Iowa! We are grateful for Tropical Smoothie’s generosity and willingness to use their resources to support Iowans in need.








ISU Students Host a Doggy Day to Spread Awareness About the AUI Service Animals Loans


This incredible group of ISU students envisioned, organized, and hosted a Doggy Day event to spread awareness about Able Up Iowa’s service animal loan. What an amazing project! These students went above and beyond to be advocates in their community.








Audrey and Ciera Send Letters of Cheer to AUI Staff & Partners!


Audrey and Ciera often spread cheer and joy by creating cards, letters, and small presents for Able Up Iowa staff, volunteers, interns, and partners. Each time we receive their gifts, our days are brightened. Thank you, Audrey and Ciera, for using your passion and creativity to make a difference!








Boys Youth Group Volunteer Their Time To Help Make Signs


A boys youth group in Ames decided to spend their Wednesday evening helping Able Up Iowa staff create signs for our Run event. What would have taken one person a whole day was accomplished in a couple short hours! Thank you to each of these amazing helpers!







Nothing caught your eye? Create your own project full of your own passion!

Create Your Own Project

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