45-Minute Equine Session


Giving Level

$2,500 allows a person with hearing loss to receive high-quality hearing aids, transforming their life.

When you donate, you will receive a 45-minute Equine Session. This opportunity is part of our Equine Assisted Learning program, which tailors your learning session to guide you through your specific relationship style and communication techniques. The goal is a safe relationship with a horse of your choosing that will reveal key components of your ability to communicate and connect in all of your relationships.

About the Artist

Danielle Andersen-Jeppesen

Jeppesen Leather

Danielle began working with leather as a youngster fixing or repairing horse tack. Out of necessity, she repaired her children’s tack during 4-H practice and was asked to repair multiple friends’ equipment. It morphed into building new tack, belts, and now anything people want. As Danielle sought employment in her educational field (healthcare administrator) she continued to develop skills and techniques in leather crafting. In 2020, Danielle expanded her services beyond leather making to include horse therapy. Her business, Romans Ranch, is where you go to build communication and connection. Whether you are a company trying to find innovative ways to help your team learn how to communicate more effectively, or you are a veteran seeking a way to connect again to civilian life, Romans Ranch can be a part of your journey.

"I am a visually impaired individual that has found the challenges and financial obstacles faced by the disabled population to be manageable with the help and guidance of Able Up Iowa. Financial stability and security is harder for those who have greater expenses when accommodating their disability, lower incomes due to multifactorial challenges, and additional challenges in seeking resources. Able Up Iowa reduces obstacles to financing, guidance for budgeting, and support to counter the fatigue when seeking assistance and the often daunting task of the application process." - Danielle Andersen-Jeppesen

Please note we have recently changed our name from Iowa Able Foundation to Able Up Iowa.