Abstract Painting


Giving Level

$1,000 can pay for a mobility scooter, screen reader, or manual wheelchair, each of which are common requests received at Able Up Iowa.

When you donate, you will receive the featured beautiful painting created by late SGT Thomas L. Mims. Tommy was a regular artist at The Community of Artists and Veterans Art Studio. They have contributed this piece in his memory.

About the Artist

SGT Thomas L. Mims

Community of Artists & Veterans

Late SGT Thomas L. Mims (Tommy) has been a life-long mentor, best man, team mate and bonus grandfather to his lovely daughters and grandson Jaxson. SGT Mims served in Vietnam 1964-65, with distinction as a member of the storied 1st Cavalry Division. Tommy became a very distinguished artist late in life, contributing beautiful work to the Community of Artists and Veterans Art Studio in the Veterans Memorial Building. The Community of Artists and Veterans Art Studio has contributed his featured artwork in his memory.
Please note we have recently changed our name from Iowa Able Foundation to Able Up Iowa.