Handmade Headbands


Giving Level

$100 covers the cost for 1 participant to complete the Financial Empowerment program and receive a 5% interest rate drop!

When you donate, you will receive a four-pack of hand-sewn headbands made by local artist, Shelley Jaspering.

Shelley’s headbands are made with cotton quilting fabrics and elastic. She has a variety of colors and patterns available to choose from!

Shelley Jaspering
About the Artist

Shelley Jaspering

Just Sitting Around Making Headbands

Shelley has lived in Ames, IA since she was three years old. She has enjoyed sewing since the day she learned in Ames Middle School. Currently, Shelley is selling her products at the Ames Main Street Farmers Market. In 2015, Shelley became a quadriplegic. She came to know firsthand how challenging it can be for a person with a disability to find needed resources. When Shelley heard about Able Up Iowa, she was very glad to know that their services are available all throughout Iowa.

“I personally know that Able Up Iowa helps people gain more independence and that is important for everyone!” - Shelley Jaspering

Please note we have recently changed our name from Iowa Able Foundation to Able Up Iowa.