Iowa Goldfinch Print


Giving Level

$1,000 can pay for a mobility scooter, screen reader, or manual wheelchair, each of which are common requests received at Able Up Iowa.

When you donate, you will receive a Goldfinch print created by local artist, Nathan Wright. Nathan’s Goldfinch artwork is a celebration of the State of Iowa and all 99 counties. It represents the existing and potential reach of Able Up Iowa.

About the Artist

Nathan Wright

Nathan Wright Illustration

Nathan grew up in Ames, IA, and currently live in Des Moines. He has been illustrating his entire life and studied Fine Arts in college. In December 2016, Nathan quit his corporate job to pursue illustration as a full-time career. He loves bringing others joy through creating art.

"I am passionate about helping those that go unseen by society and working on art projects to support them." - Nathan Wright

Please note we have recently changed our name from Iowa Able Foundation to Able Up Iowa.