Whimsy Earrings & Necklace Set


Giving Level

$500 is the average amount for a credit builder loan, allowing a person to establish and/or improve their credit.

When you donate, you will receive handmade, dangle earrings & matching necklace, custom made by Kelly Murphy. These hand-formed pieces are made of texturized, lightweight aluminum on sterling silver wires. Elegant and stylish!

About the Artist

Kelly Murphy

Throwing Stones Glass House

Kelly started taking classes in fused glass through Parks & Rec in 2005 and became immediately addicted. She purchased her first kiln in 2007 and just made jewelry pieces for herself and as gifts. She started selling her pieces in 2011 at markets and art centers and formed her business, Throwing Stones Glass House, LLC in 2016. Since then she added metalwork to her skill-set and has continued to sell her pieces at markets and art centers as well as online and at local boutiques.

Please note we have recently changed our name from Iowa Able Foundation to Able Up Iowa.