You’re Okay, Willow


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When you donate, you will receive a copy of the children’s book, You’re Okay Willow, co-authored by community leader, George Belitsos, and his partner Peter Wolfe.

You’re Okay Willow tells a very special, true story that includes an anti-bullying theme as well as an immigration message. Although George and Peter’s book, “You’re Okay, Willow”, wasn’t published until 20 years after the story took place, it teaches timeless lessons about building trust and being kind to others who are different.

About the Artist

George Belitsos

Soon after founding Youth & Shelter Services, Inc. (YSS), George met Peter, a young physician who has been his partner for the past 36 years. George and Peter have enjoyed raising llamas together on their farm, Hobbits Hill. In March of this year, George and Peter published a children’s book about one of their most beloved llamas, Willow.

"I hope those who read our book will put themselves in her place and see that they too can achieve small miracles by being kind-hearted and tolerant towards those who are different and misunderstood." - George Belitsos

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