Fill Your Cart,
and Your Heart!

We are teaming up with local artists, entrepreneurs, and small businesses from across the state to create a one-of-a-kind donation experience! When you shop through this page, your proceeds are donated to Able Up Iowa with a small portion going to the local vendor of your choosing. You then receive the vendor’s featured product as a thank you for shopping and GIVING local!


$100 covers the cost for 1 participant to complete the Financial Empowerment program and receive a 5% interest rate drop. See how working with a financial coach has improved Susan’s situation and set her up for future financial success!


$250 is the average shelter cost to adopt a therapy dog before training. Therapy animals and others forms of therapy tools can have significant impact on a person’s wellbeing. See how a therapeutic pool gave the Teske Family opportunities they thought were never possible.


$500 is the average amount for a credit builder loan, allowing a person to establish and/or improve their credit. The recipient also has the opportunity to participate in Able Up Iowa’s credit building courses within the Financial Empowerment program. See how a credit builder loan has increased Carl’s financial independence.


$1,000 can also pay for a mobility scooter, screen reader, or manual wheelchair, each of which are common requests received at Able Up Iowa. See how a screen reader has allowed Robert to reach his personal and educational goals.


$2,500 allows a person with hearing loss to receive high-quality hearing aids, transforming their life. See how hearing aids have allowed Jane to get back to work and relieved significant stress.


$5,000 can pay for a wheelchair lift to be installed in a van, giving a person access to transportation and freedoms they never had before. See how a wheelchair lift improved Brittney and Dawn’s quality of life and brightened their outlook of the future.

“I love that Able Up Iowa helps some of the most vulnerable Iowans. To do my part in protecting the vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic, I wear my mask when I am at work or in public! I appreciate Grandma Terry selling her adult and children’s masks and having the opportunity to support her as well as my community.” - Lynette Plander

Featured Artist:
Grandma Terry, Handmade Child and Adult Face Masks

“These wonderful items allowed me to invest not only in Able Up Iowa’s mission, but also in small business owners from around the state. What a fun and creative way for those of us in the community to give back and raise money for an awesome non-profit.” - Keela Herr

Featured Artists:
William Heathershaw, Iowa Love – “Iowa Love” T-shirt
Nathan Wright, Nathan Wright Illustrations – “Astronaut with Tentacles” Print
Terry McCartney, Uniquely Handcrafted Jewelry - Whimsical Beaded Bookmark
Kelly Murphy, Throwing Stone Glass House LLC – Teardrop Earrings
“Sharing a photo of my special daughter wearing Matthew Dryer’s AbliTEE shirt! My daughter noticed the autism puzzle piece right off the bat. Happy to support both Matthew and Able Up Iowa!” - Judi Eyles
Featured Artist:
Matthew Dryer, AbliTEE Shirts – Different Not Less
“I was excited to order this bracelet to support Able Up Iowa and the mother / son duo who made it but was extra amazed at how beautiful it was when I got it! What a great way to support an important cause.” - Simone Sorteberg
Featured Artist:
Amanda Husband, A&A Rocks – Black Stone Bracelet
Please note we have recently changed our name from Iowa Able Foundation to Able Up Iowa.