Able Up Iowa

Now Offering Flexible Funding

We are excited to announce that Able Up Iowa is offering low-interest and forgivable loans (for assistive tech and disability related modifications) to qualifying Iowans

Since 1993

Helping people of all abilities become independent by providing solutions
of financial needs and empowering them to achieve financial goals.

Our Mission

Many Iowans cannot afford the basics they need to live independently.
We’re on a mission to change that. Here’s how:

We provide flexible
funding options:

  • Low-interest loans
  • Forgivable loans, limited availability 

We empower Iowans to
achieve their financial goals:

  • Financial coaching
  • Credit coaching
  • Resource counselling
  • Benefits planning

Thanks to your support, Able Up Iowa has lent out over half a million dollars across the state of Iowa in the past 5 years.

Iowa Women Are Able

“My hope is to make a difference so mothers will never again have to worry about covering the costs of care for their child with a disability.”

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Share What You Do Best

“Engaging in Able Up Iowa’s mission transforms the lives of your friends, family, and neighbors and allows them to enjoy a financially empowered future.”

Iowans Supporting Iowans

“Financial security is harder for people with disabilities because we have greater expenses. I’m aiming to give a gift to donors that reminds them why their donation matters. They have helped people – people like me.”

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