Able Up Iowa

Empower Iowa Mothers

As a mother, you want to do everything you can to empower your son or daughter to reach his or her full potential. But sometimes the obstacles you face as a mother can seem impossible to overcome. This can be especially true for the mother of a child with a disability. That’s why an Iowa mother created a fund to support other moms. She wanted to help mothers by removing the financial obstacles preventing their children with disabilities from living their best lives.

Kelly Murphy of Throwing Stones Glass House is an Iowa artist and mother of a child who relies on an assistive device. Kelly understands the importance of making it possible for individuals with disabilities to live their lives with as much dignity and independence as possible. She has designed a jewelry set as a thank you gift for individuals who invest $1,000 or more to this fund.

We invite you to join Kelly Murphy and others in becoming a founding member of the Iowa Women Are Able Fund. Your support at any amount is greatly appreciated!

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