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"Acquiring our new van for our daughter couldn't have happened without Able Up Iowa. Thank you for everything!" – Rebecca

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Contributors Make
Our Mission Possible

There are currently 50,000 people across the state of Iowa who are low-income and have a disability. We would not accomplish our goal of empowering these individuals to live healthy, independent lives without the support, involvement, and enthusiasm of our contributors.

Our special thanks to the following people who’ve made a monetary donation to Able Up Iowa in this past fiscal year. You make our mission possible!



Baker, Elizabeth
Berger, Kay & Roger
Boskovic, Dragolsav
Carroll, Adam
Cassady, Diane
Cook, Kathy L P
Dryer, Brenda
Dubberke, Mary
Hansen, Dr. Marlan & Mrs. Melanie
Hoffman, Zach
Holt, Terry
Kangas, Dr. Tracy
Kelly, Dr. Earl & Mrs. Madeleine

Lee, Michael & Debra
Lohnes, Jane
Lynch, Cleo
Lynch, Megan
Mongar, Peggy
Powers, Sarah
Reuel, Jenny
Seuferer, Sydney
Smith, Brian
Sorteberg, Curt
Staplin, William & Ruth
Vervaecke, Jamie
VonAh-Gregory, David & Mary
Wright, Barbara




Omissions, if any, are unintentional and will be corrected upon request. Please email us at




We believe every Iowan deserves the opportunity to to live independently.

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