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Meet Brittney & Dawn

Meet Brittney & Dawn

Dawn and her family have always had a “pay-as-you-go” attitude about things. They never wanted to take on more than they could afford. But when their daughter, Brittney, received an electric wheelchair in middle school, their focus turned toward acquiring a larger van with a motorized lift.

“We tried to get traditional financing, but with the economy the way it is, the APR was way too high,” explained Dawn. A company in Indianola that specializes in mobility told her about possible financing through Able Up Iowa. “If it weren’t for Iowa Able, I’m not sure what we would have done. It did help that the van already had a side lift, so we were able to acquire the financing,” added Dawn.

Born with Spina Bifida, Brittney spent most of her life in a manual wheelchair. When it came time for transport, her parents would have to lift her into and out of their minivan. As years went by, it just became too difficult. Now, Brittney is able to stay seated in her electric wheelchair and use the ramp to get in and out of the van. “Before we had the back lift installed, we used to have to park so far away because of the space we needed,” said Brittney. Now, she just scoots down the ramp and she’s there.

Their modified van has provided greater independence for both Brittney and her family. Graduating from East High School, Brittney is now looking toward furthering her education or getting a job. It also has allowed the Kramer family to concentrate on things other than Brittney’s transportation needs.

When asked if she had any advice for others who may need some assistance, Dawn was quick to point out how important it is to ask a lot of questions – of your social worker or social security. If they don’t know the answers, they’ll find out. There are resources out there that are willing to help, like Able Up Iowa.

“Able Up Iowa gives a person a second chance at life. When you find yourself sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself, the walls feel like they’re closing in on you, Able Up Iowa can help you get out of the house and back to work. You’ll feel a world of difference. Through Able Up Iowa, there is a way out.”

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