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Meet Carl

Meet Carl

When Carl came to Able Up Iowa, he wasn’t sure where else to turn. As a disabled veteran on a fixed income, there were not many options for improving his credit. However, once he learned about Able Up Iowa’s credit builder loan, everything changed.

“I would like to thank Able Up Iowa for giving me the opportunity to rebuild my credit. At the time it was a godsend because I was in dire straits and had nowhere to turn.”

Carl enjoyed working with the team and learning all the steps he could take to improve his credit.

“My first interaction with Able Up Iowa was very professional and caring and instrumental in guiding me through the process.”

Carl now wants others to know about the services at Able Up Iowa. He is determined to help his friends and family build their credit using the tools and skills he has gained.

“Never give up! The help is out there. I wish there were more organization like Able Up Iowa, what a great bunch of people I am forever grateful.”

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