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Meet Jimmy & Mary

Meet Jimmy & Mary

Jimmy and Mary were looking for a vehicle to take Jimmy to and from his frequent doctor’s appointments in Des Moines. Because of their lack of credit their credit score wasn’t high enough to take out a loan at a traditional bank. This left them reaching out to family and friends for rides to these appointments. The couple was frustrated and continued to reach out to find help. Finally, the couple stumbled across Able Up Iowa. Mary said that the staff at Able Up Iowa were the first ones to give them hope. The staff made the application process as stress-free as possible. The couple now have a vehicle that fits their needs and allows them to be more independent. (In fact they are so happy with it that they won’t even let their son drive it!) And thanks to Able Up Iowa for reporting their payments to the credit bureau, Jimmy’s credit score has increased over 150 points in less than two years!

“We didn’t have the cash, our credit wasn’t the best, and we couldn’t go through the bank. When
we talked with Able Up Iowa, I almost started crying because they were the first one to give us hope.”

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