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Meet Pamela

Meet Pamela

Pamela credits her recent job promotion in sales to Able Up Iowa. For many months, Pamela had to rely on the city’s Mini-bus to get to and from work. “The Mini-bus was not dependable, it was always running behind.”

Although Pamela had a vehicle, she wasn’t able to use it because the repairs were too expensive. “My van needed some major repairs and since the original interest rate on my van was so high and I couldn’t afford to have repairs done,” shared Pamela.

It wasn’t until Pamela came into contact with Able Up Iowa that things started looking up. “The low interest loan from Able Up Iowa allowed me to purchase new tires and brakes, a wheelchair and pay off other items as well.”

Now that she has a fixed car, Pamela can work weekends, giving her new opportunities at her job. “I am now able to work hours I wasn’t able to before. And, I can work weekends -- when the Mini-bus doesn’t run at all,” said Pamela. “Being able to work Saturdays and Sundays is a big reason I just got a promotion.”

“Able Up Iowa allowed me to save thousands of dollars that I did not have. It also gave me the ability to keep working. It’s a wonderful program for someone in my condition,”
 shared Pamela, who has had numerous back and knee surgeries.

“I hope I won’t need Able Up Iowa again. But, if I do, I know that they’re there. And, I’ll do everything possible to help them help others.”

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