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Meet Susan

Meet Susan

Susan came to Able Up Iowa for help because she needed a little extra money for some minor car repairs. Her car loan was at 24% rate with a high monthly payment. When Susan started working with our financial coach, they began by getting a copy of her credit report. This allowed them to know what her credit issues were and develop a plan to tackle them.

Next, they worked on compressing her budget so she would have more money available each month. Susan began reviewing what she was spending her money on to see whether she was getting the best value. She checked whether the gas she was buying gave her the best mileage and learned how to shop for the best car insurance. After searching, Susan found she could save over $400 per year on her car insurance alone.

With her continued hard work, understanding of her options, and improving her credit and budget, Susan and her coach were able to approve her for a 7.75% interest rate loan and out of her 24% loan. This means Susan has a better loan at a lower interest rate, plus she was able to get her car fixed at the same time!

“I want to thank Able Up Iowa for the opportunity to better my situation. It has relieved a great deal of stress and improved my quality of living. I am grateful for your services!”

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