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Meet the Teske Family

Meet the Teske Family

When Daleney Teske was born at 27 weeks, she was a micro-preemie, weighing only 1 lb. 13 oz. She was born with spastic quadriplegia, a form of cerebral palsy that affects all four of her limbs. Her first 93 days of life were spent in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) where her parents would cautiously call in each morning to find out ‘what the weather was like overnight.’

From day one, Daleney displayed her fighting spirit. To help with her development, the Teske family was constantly looking ahead. But with progress, came expenses.

After discovering that a heated therapy pool made a significant impact in Daneley’s physical therapy, the Teskes looked for a way to have access to a pool every day. “At first, banks didn’t want to loan us the money to buy our own therapy pool because of our credit score,” explains David, Daleney’s father. “It wasn’t until we were introduced to Able Up Iowa that things started to change. When they stepped up with half of the financing we needed, we were able to acquire the other half through a local bank.” Over the years, the consistent use of the therapy pool has kept Daleney’s muscles loosened up which has opened the doors for other medical opportunities.

“We were not sure that she’d ever manage the skill of potty training,” shared David. But with her determination, it quickly became obvious that a handicap accessible bathroom and shower were needed. Along with money from Medicaid, they again, acquired a loan through Able Up Iowa. “Because of our good repayment history on our first loan, we were granted another loan to help finish the bathroom.”

“Just this year, she’s started showering by herself,”
 said Dayna, Daleney’s mother. “She uses a modified bathroom chair and a hand-held sprayer that’s low enough so she can hang it up. Without the new shower, she wouldn’t be nearly as independent as she is now. It’s an incredible feeling.”

“Had Able Up Iowa not stepped up, these things could not have been possible and she would not be where she is today. They’ve been a life-saver,”
 added Dayna.

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