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Meet Todd

Meet Todd

“When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis they gave me basically five to seven years before I’d be in a wheelchair permanently.  That obviously scared me to death, so I’ve been working very hard to maintain my capabilities,” shared Todd.

When Todd and his young family moved into their current home in Des Moines, the basement was a blank canvas. To make it handicap accessible, they tried the conventional loan route, but the economy was at its worst. “The banks were pretty tight at lending money to anyone, especially someone who didn’t work and was 100% disabled.”

“I was directed to Able Up Iowa as a place that might possibly be able to help,”
 explained Todd.  He contacted the non-profit, supplied them with his plans and filled out the application. Within two weeks, Todd and his family were able to obtain a loan. The Able Up Iowa loan allowed them to finish the basement, which includes a living space with a bedroom, and complete much of the plumbing and major work in the bathroom area.

Being able to accomplish his daily needs like having an accessible shower and bathroom and a workout area to stretch his muscles is critical for Todd.  “Realizing that this basement is completely handicap accessible provides real security for me and my family going forward. Able Up Iowa was a life saver for allowing me to do this. They’ve provided me with that security,” concluded Todd. And as we all know, with security comes peace-of-mind.

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